Version 3.4 Beta Preview

A beta version is available for advanced users and testers. As always before installing a new release, make backups of your data in case anything untoward happens and you can revert to the release version with your data intact.

Please report any issues or problems via the normal support portal at


New Landing Page

The new landing page aims to mimic the style of Windows 8 Metro.

Application options and notifications are on the far left. Wallets are in the middle and news items (i.e this blog) are shown on the right.

The application will now stay resident in your system tray for as long as it is running. This allows you to right click the tray icon and directly open any of your wallets.

The update notification has been moved to this page so it is less intrusive when working with your wallets. Pressing the update notification will open the Update manager.


Update Manager

The update manager now gives a little more information  to help you decide whether to install or skip the update.

Wallet Changes

Each wallet now opens as a separate screen with its own options which should be less confusing when working with multiple wallets.

Each wallet can have a separate theme to assist you in keeping them separate in your mind. e.g. Your work wallet could be blue whilst your home wallet could be black. This makes your wallet instantly recognisable.

Selection Improvements.

Card selection is now (hopefully) a more natural experience that mimics the Windows Explorer selection more faithfully.

Multiple selection of cards has now been improved. For Example:

Note that when both cards are selected, the field list now combines the two card entries.

Only fields with identical names and type are displayed.

If all fields in the selection contain identical contents then the field displays as normal.

If all cards have the same field but with different contents, the field title is shown in Bold

Editing any fields when the field list is combined will change the field content in ALL selected cards.