3.1 Released

3.1 has been released.

There have been some small issues so far depending on which version the users were upgrading from. If Password Safe is “Mission Critical” to you, you may want to hold off on upgrading until it fully stabilises (or at least keep a backup of your current data which you should always do regardless).

  • Better tablet support.
  • DragDrop between groups
  • Improved wallet handling.
  • Improved date picker.
  • Per wallet preferences. e.g. Each wallet can use a different theme.
  • 2 New themes
  • Backup file chooser (navigate SD card rather than typing a path)
  • Dropbox file chooser (navigate Dropbox rather than typing a path)
  • Paging indicators on cards.
  • Real pin entry (rather than using the numeric keypad)
  • ICE function for emergency access by nominated users


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