Android update 3.3.3 for Password Safe

review1I released version 3.3.3 as a staged rollout to 10% of the users of Password Safe. This version is for Android 4 and above only.

Despite me adding an entry to the FAQ and also documenting the issue in the release notes, so many people are complaining that they get an “Error 24” when updating. Error 24 is a documented issue with updating apps when you have corrupt or leftover data on your phone. There is nothing any developers can do about it. It is up to Google to give a more meaningful error but there are countless articles that are only a Google Search away that explain how installation errors can be resolved.

I think the issue is hitting so many people because the app has not had an update for so long and many users have had an OS upgrade in that time. Remember the “Optimising apps..” part of an OS update? I have also seen it mentioned that it is related to the ART runtime. Of course only Google can really answer this for sure.

The  1 star reviews because of course “it must be the fault of the app” are just plain annoying.  Play Store does not show all of these to most people as the end users view of the reviews only shows the ones that match your own locale but I am seeing them daily.


Reactions like this are the reason that there have been no updates for so long. To be honest, I grew tired of the sense of entitlement that many users have because they spent less than the price of a happy meal on an app for their phone 2+ years ago.

A developer sees less than half of the amount paid for an app with the rest going to Google and to taxes. A £3 app gives about £1.50 revenue to the developer (ignoring fixed costs such as electricity and equipment). For this the developer is expected to provide free updates for life and to provide free technical support for life. As soon as anyone has a need for tech support, the developer has actually made a loss on that sale because time spent replying costs money.

This release was intended to plug some holes and update the Dropbox library which has been updated with a fix for their recently documented vulnerability .

It is now unlikely that I will release any future updates to the app. I simply don’t have the time to deal with the animosity from users who seem hell bent on blaming the app for known and well documented problems with the Android system and Play Store.

I have also shelved my planned re-write which amongst other things was going to introduce Material design and automatic sync between devices.

Please do not take apps for granted. If you like an app (any app not just mine), leave a favourable review. You may not know it but you could be helping to balance negativity created by other users. Also, if you have a problem with an app, do not jump right to a 1 star review. Give the developer a chance to correct the error (if there is one) or at least explain what the issue is.

Please do not hold stars “to ransom”. i.e Fix this and you get 5 stars. It doesn’t happen. We add the feature/fix your issue etc and you simply forget you ever wrote that. An app you have been using for 2 or 3 years doesn’t suddenly deserve 1 star because of a possibly temporary issue that would most likely be resolved if you bothered to get in touch with the developer.





    Tried to update with the APK but that did not work either.
    After trying, a message “App not installed” appears.

  2. I assume you left the old version installed. Uninstall it first and you should be fine.

    Please see the FAQ.

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