Changes to revenue model

The ad supported model is really not working. Ads typically generate in the region of $1 a day for almost 50,000 users which given the amount of support that the free users request, makes it unsustainable (especially when most issues are due to ignoring the instructions).

I’m sorry to announce that an update in the near future will change the app from “Free” to “Trial” and will require a license to unlock the full app.

You will have the option to not update and continue using the free version (without support) or to buy a license key but in the interests of fairness, I will give warning in the change log when this occurs.

No doubt this will generate lots of 1 star reviews from the short sighted ones amongst you (There is one already and it has not even changed yet) but would you work for nothing?

It is interesting to see that people who previously used the app yet never bothered to review or comment suddenly find a voice when it comes to complaining. It is probably the same people who use ad blockers and expect to freeload the apps they use.

If it is worth using, surely it is worth paying for. Currently only around 1% of users actually buy a license which is not a huge incentive to continue development.

Sorry if my tone seems harsh. I’m disappointed at the moment because of the something for nothing attitude I keep being presented with.


  1. I will definitely pay for this app when you go to paid. For what it’s worth, I was going to buy the license but just got too busy and forgot. It’s a great app and I use it all the time.

  2. This is a really nice app. I can see that the ad revenue will be slow as it is not something you would access lots of times a day. Only had it a couple of weeks, but really find it useful – it has obviously taken a lot of hard work. Will buy when it goes to paid.

  3. Why wait to go to paid. Buy a license now and support development.

  4. Right on, Steve! My gosh, it cost less than lunch at a fast food joint.

    I hope this works out well enough to keep you developing Daz! Kuffs Password Safe is a great app that I was happy to pay for. The Windows component makes it stand alone (on top!).

    It’s a shame that people will always speak more readily when they feel the need to complain and the uninformed can be real obnixious online. Rating a 1 because it didn’t work for you does not rate the app at all.

    Though I appreciate the need to vent, the clowns that down’t read the docs and changelogs aren’t reading this either. 😉

    Thank you for the Five Star app.

  5. I went and purchased the Professional Key, not for the adless version, but to support the programmer for a great program! Keep up the Great Work!!!!

  6. I too purchase the key after evaluating several competitive product. You product is easy to use, very configurable, and reliable. You get what you pay for. Your product is definitely worth the small fee.

  7. Well,

    I bought the key before I knew about this issue as I don’t mind supporting developers. Personally, I would like all apps to be developed to the point where they are close to polished and working well, and be a paid app.

    I had another free password keeper that was really good and once I input all my info. they decided to go to a yearly fee. Then as I saw in the comments, they next time you updated your stuff was lost if you hadn’t paid the upgrade fee. I think that is really tacky. (password keeper)

    I don’t know when the notice that there will be a fee for this app came out, but I like that it was at least put out there honestly.

    As I said ,I purchased the key to begin with because I didn’t want another app that surprise changes to a fee that I don’t feel is necessary for my relatively unimportant information after I have all my information in.


  8. I’m actually still holding off on making that change. I don’t want to do it but I WILL always be honest and up front so you can make an informed decision. Of course if you just blindly update without reading the change logs then there is little I can do there 🙂

  9. I for one just found out about this app 10 minutes ago. I do not need a complicated, fancy program, just something to keep all my password and able to synch between devices. I have been a long time user of a more well known password manager (rhymes with “lotto-form”) and then they decide if I want to view my passwords on my smartphone, I need yearly subscription,
    Wonder if there’s a conversion programfor my data ?
    If I use this, I will for sure pay for the license … developers also have family, bills, and must eat too 🙂
    Bottom line is, can. I Co very my Roboform data ?

  10. I’m afraid I could find no obvious way to export roboform data so its a no for now unless anybody can tell me that exporting is possible and I’m stupid for missing it.

  11. I loves the package but 12 quid does seem a little steep. Given the kinda software you can buy on the ipad for 8 to 15 quid (check out algoriddim dj app…awsome. Problem is I never use the Ipad now cos its so restrictive) . 3 quid sounds fairer (maybe 5 for windows and android with as many licences as you haber pcs and laptops. I would snap it up at that price.

    • Jim. I believe £12 for both the Android and the Windows app is VERY reasonable. Other programs ask for in excess of £30 PER YEAR. With me, you pay less and you pay only once regardless of how many times you install it. Also updates are free for as long as you use the applications.

      You cannot compare desktop software to ipad software. It is not the same thing at all. Please remember that the developers who supply your software are human and need to eat just as much as you do. Despite this I gave away the Windows application 100% free for the first 6 months of its existence.

  12. Hi,

    I really like the app and I use it very often, therefore to pay for a license key is quite fair and absolutely legitimate. Also that you announced it in advance with so much time is a point (I’ve to admit that I didn’t notice it until some days ago). So I’ve purchase the license as it really worhts it !!!

    You mentioned before “Other programs ask for in excess of £30 PER YEAR. With me, you pay less and you pay only once regardless of how many times you install it.”, and also ” The ad supported model is really not working. I’m sorry to announce that an update in the near future will change the app from “Free” to “Trial” and will require a license to unlock the full app.”

    Please, don’t get my wrong, but if the previous model didn’t work and you were forced to change to trial, could it be possible that this model also gets “too non-profitable” and we would face a yearly fee in the future ???

    Best regards.

    • No this will not happen. If you have purchased the app it is yours forever. I do not handcuff you to my cloud services as i do not have any. Your data is yours and always will be.

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