Dropbox Api V1 Deprecated


Dropbox turn off their V1 Api later this year and when they do, the Dropbox functionality within Password Safe Pro will  cease to function.

This does not affect Lockrz which already uses the V2 api.

As Password Safe Pro was discontinued over a year ago, it is no longer officially supported and there will be no further “official” updates.

For those who were unaware of the change, a special version (3.0.5) has been created that uses the V2 Api. It is only available from this link as I want to make sure that a specific decision is made to install it rather than let Play Store auto update the app.

Please note that this version has not been extensively tested but I do not anticipate any problems. For this version, it is necessary to re-authorise with Dropbox for every backup or restore operation.

Saying that, please ensure you keep a safe backup of your data created in the earlier version just in case.


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