Enabling Dropbox support after installation

Update: Since this post was written, the Dropbox procedures have changed. This post is only relevant to application versions earlier than 2.5

Did you know that by using Dropbox, Synchronisation of the Password Safe Database is almost completely automatic.  To enable Dropbox support after you have already set up the Password Safe Desktop Client, do the following.

1. Sign up and install the Dropbox desktop client from here.

2. On your computer, move (don’t copy) your database “safe.db” into your Dropbox folder.

3. Start the Password Safe Desktop Client and the startup wizard will run because the database is not where it previously was.

4. On the first page of the wizard, Say “Yes” to Dropbox then choose the location on your computer where you copied the database to.

Any files within the Dropbox folder are automatically synchronised to your online storage so whenever you make a change within Password Safe on the desktop, the database is synchronised as long as it in within this folder.

At any time on your phone, choose to perform a “Restore from Dropbox” and the latest database will be downloaded.

Similarly, “Backup to Dropbox” on your phone and your database on your computer will be replaced with the latest backup.

How does the Dropbox integration work?

Initial Setup with Dropbox


  1. Sounds fantastic, I think I have successfully set it up, pretty easy, and if it works, it would be a beautiful thing.Mark.

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