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Password Safe (Windows)

Copies of apps that are no longer available to download from the usual channels can now be found here:

Discontinued Apps

Note that all software listed here is no longer supported and it is recommended that you update to more current apps.

License files will only work if you purchased them in Play Store.

Windows Password Safe is now discontinued as like its Android counterpart, it has been superseded by Lockrz.

New sales are no longer possible but previous purchasers can continue to download from this link.

Note that you will need your offline key as explained here:


Your full license details and instructions were emailed to you after you made payment.

As explained in that email, the online server is now no longer available (as the application is no longer sold) and so online activations are not possible and you should use the offline activation file that you created each time you activated a wallet online.

Your license key enabled you activate a wallet online whilst simultaneously saving your offline key.

If you ignored the instructions and failed to keep a safe copy of your offline activation file, I’m afraid that you can no longer activate new wallets.

Please do not contact support asking for a copy of the file. The offline files are generated on YOUR computer and therefore we do not have any copies.


Are you sure you are using the correct password?

Are you using the correct password for the wallet you are attempting to open? Each wallet has an independent password.

Have you recently restored your data from a backup? Your password will revert to the one that was in use at the time of the backup.

Do you have data wipe turned on? You may have mistyped your password and unwittingly wiped your data.

A query that sometimes arises is “I recently update the app in Play Store and now my password does not work\my data is gone“.  If the update process proceeds normally, your data files remain untouched. It can happen sometimes whereby the update procedure malfunctions and removes your data. On one occasion I am aware of the phone corrupting the data files making them inaccessible to the app.  For this reason, you should always backup your data before updating.

If you are sure you are using the correct password but the app does not accept it, your database may have been corrupted. You should restore your data from a backup but remember that the password that was in use at the time of the backup will also be restored.

Another common mistake is to use the wrong backup. Make sure the backup file you have restored is the one you think it is and not a different one that was made at a different time with a different password that you only ever used as a test. (It has happened).

It is not possible to recover a lost password or to find out what password was used to encrypt your data.

The only absolute certainty is that if the app tells you you have entered an incorrect password then you really have.

Refunds for Android apps are available by following the instructions here:

If your request falls outside the 2 hour limit, you should contact Google directly.

Developers do not know your details so supplying your Google account details does not help.

Refunds for Windows applications are not available. Sales are final because there is a 14 day trial period which you can use to decide if the product meets your needs. After a license is issued, there is no way to cancel it.

You have not set the correct network adapter in your settings. You must choose the network interface that is using the same network your phone is using.

If you fail to tell the application the correct network interface, Backup is possible but Restore will always fail because the application will send the data to the wrong place.

There is no special procedure.

Simply install as normal, create a new wallet and import your current data from your device.

See this video for a full step by step guide.

The likely cause is that the file you are restoring does not contain the data you think it does.

Possibly you have multiple backup files and are restoring the wrong one or you have overwritten your backup file with an empty wallet by accidentally backing up instead of restoring.

Restoring a database only replaces your current data file with the backup file. It does not change the contents of either file and can never display data it does not contain.

If you store your data in Dropbox, you can recover earlier versions of the file using the Dropbox web site.

To purchase only the Android app, you do this by upgrading within the app.

To purchase the Windows application or the dual license bundle which contains both Windows and Android apps, please see here.

No. You are the only person who ever knew your password. If you cannot remember it, you need to uninstall\reinstall the app and start all over again.

Your data is NOT recoverable without the password.

You do not need to buy the app again. Your purchase is stored in your Google account. You can re-install apps you have purchased at any time.

Quick Answer:

Either in the current installation folder OR in your Documents folder.

Full Answer:

That depends on how you use the application and which operating system you use.

When a wallet is created the application first tries to save it to the same place that the application is running from so if you have installed the application normally using the setup file then this location is most likely to be C:\Program Files\Kuffs Software\KPS.

Operating systems such as Vista or Windows 7 will prevent a standard user saving files here in which case your Documents\KPS folder is used.

This is to allow you to copy the whole application onto a USB drive and run the application on any computer that has .Net Framework 4 installed.

i.e If, after installation, you copy the whole folder C:\Program Files\Kuffs Software\KPS onto your USB drive with the letter E and run it from there, the the wallets will be saved in E:\KPS

Note that the file extension for wallet files is .SDF

Password safe by it’s nature is a single user app but it can be made to work for more than one user if some care is taken.

If the users require only access via the Android app then there is no issue as they can simply use a common Dropbox account.

Care must be taken to avoid overwriting each others changes. It would be better if one user was given the responsibility for updating or changing data but using a common Dropbox account and turning on “Auto Backup” and “Auto Notify” could help if both users wanted to make changes.

If the users want to use the Windows application also then it gets a little more complicated as each Windows license will only work with the gmail address it was purchased for but you could create a common gmail account and add it to each phone and then use this account when purchasing the Windows license.

Each user would install the application normally and use Dropbox to keep their data in sync like they would with the Android app.

It is unlikely as it simply is not my area of expertise and the user base would be very small.

I wrote the apps for myself then it grew from there so I wrote what I already knew.

I would be happy to share the database specifications if anybody wanted to take on the task.

I thought it worth making this support request public. It may help others.

“When I try to start the program I get a box with the logo and a moving bar and Starting….

This just keeps going.

Behind it a dialogue box comes up that says
Password Safe has encountered a problem. we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Configuration system failed to initialize.”

It sounds like your configuration data has been corrupted.

You can delete this data and it will re-create itself.

On Windows 7 the folder to delete is located at

Other operating systems may locate the file in a different place but this link will show how to locate it:

The application remembers the locations and states of your windows.

If you close a window whilst it is minimised then the window will be minimised when you reopen it.

The same thing applies to each of the dockable panes within the application and they may no longer be in the optimal position or may even be completely missing.

Sometimes you can simply resize your windows to make the data visible again like this

You can reset the location of all windows and dockable panes. You can do this by holding down the Shift key when you log in.

i.e Type your password. Hold down the Shift key. Press OK. When your wallet has opened, release the Shift key.


The “Basic Template” was designed exactly for the type of situation where you want to import data from a text file or csv file but the format the data is in is currently not supported.

In this demo, I will use a csv file created by a program called “MyPadlock”.
1. Press the “Use a Basic Template” link which you will find on the first page of the import wizard. This saves a basic CSV file that you can add your data to. (You can also use the attached template- just remove my demo data)

2. Copy the data from your MyPadlock file to the correct columns (See attached image). I used Google Docs but Microsoft Excel works even better.

3. Fill in the other columns as the picture shows to name your fields.

4. Download or save the resulting file as CSV format and import it directly into Password Safe using the import wizard.

Basic Template


Password Safe for Windows displays an update box from which you can download the update.

Alternatively, you can also download the latest version directly from

To install, simply double click the downloaded .msi file and complete the install wizard.

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