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Lockrz for Windows

Of course. They are separate apps.

If you wish to use Lockrz for Android, you need a license for that.

If you wish to use Lockrz for Windows, you need a separate license for that.

You only need to purchase licenses for the apps you want to use.

Lockrz for Windows has a 14 day trial period so there is no need to buy it right away and even after the trial ends, it remains working in read only mode.

You only need to buy Lockrz for Windows it if you wish to continue editing data after the trial period.

The user manual contains almost everything you will need to know about Lockrz and how it works.

The user manual can be accessed from the “Help” menu within the app. The link was also sent to you in an email when you activated your trial of the app. It can also be accessed via this link.

90% of support tickets for Lockrz ask questions already answered in the manual.

Please read the manual before submitting a support ticket asking how to do something that is already fully documented. 

A forgotten password is not recoverable. It would not be a secure app if it was.

If you remember your old password and have synced your data to Dropbox or Google Drive whilst using your old password, you can restore your database.

  1. Create a copy of the database you already have in Dropbox or Google drive just in case you remember your password and want to use it.
  2. Remove ALL copies of the database from Lockrz on all devices (Windows & Android). If you do not do this, your devices could eventually re-sync and you may revert to the old database.
  3. or to recover a previous version from the timeframe you remember the password.
  4. Import the recovered database into Lockrz.
  5. Log in using the previous password.

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