Changing Phones

Reinstall your app license if required:

How to move your data from your old phone to your new phone.

If you are using Dropbox, ensure that both phones have the same settings for “Dropbox access Mode”.

On your old phone:

Upgrade to the same version of the app you have on your new phone if necessary.
Choose “Backup\Restore” from the menu.
Choose the backup method you wish to use. Dropbox is easiest. SD card requires that you manually copy the backup to your new phone.
Press “Backup” button

On your new phone:

Install app from Google Play Store
Set up an empty wallet using the same password (this is only so you can log in and access the backup menu)
Choose “Backup\Restore” from the menu.
If you chose SD card backup, copy your database to the same location on your new phone as it was on your old phone. Note this
Choose the same method you chose in the previous step.
Press “Restore” button
All your data is now on your new phone.

Note that the password will be also be restored with your data so if your backup used a different password then you will need to log out and then back into the app.

This method can also be used to copy your data to multiple devices. Dropbox backup is recommended for ease of use.

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