Error 24 when updating

This is a problem installing the app and not a problem with the app itself.  Because of this, support is available directly from Google who are responsible for supply and installation of all apps from Play Store. The error number may change but the effect is the same. The app does not install.

Possible quick fixes:

1. Uninstall the old version and then reinstall the new one. This resolves it for 99% of folks. 

Please remember to backup your data to a safe place before uninstalling. If you backup Dropbox, ensure the backup file is safely there before uninstalling the old version. Check your file in Dropbox so that you know which folder it is in (the default is Apps\Password Safe Pro) and that the date of the backup file matches the date you just made the backup. (See highlighted in the image below)

2. Install manually (avoiding Google Play). The apk is available from here:



5. Contact Google Support directly at as it is they who support Play Store.

I attempted to get an answer from Google Developer Support as to what causes this error but they were unable to help me and simply gave me this stock response.

Thanks for contacting Google Play Developer Support. We’re happy to help with issues that Android Developers experience while using the tools and services needed for distribution of apps through Google Play, however we don’t support Play Store error messages.

To provide users with the best help, please direct them to contact Google Play User Support at

I’m sorry we couldn’t help you any further, though if you have any issues distributing Android apps through the Google Play Developer Console, please feel free to let me know.

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