Error 504 when updating

This one was 100% my fault.

I migrated my project from Eclipse to Android Studio and mistyped a value in the manifest.

It is fixed in Version 3.3.4

If you installed Version 3.3.3, you will need to uninstall it before installing 3.3.4

3.3.4 has no functional changes over 3.3.3 so there is no real need to update but 3.3.4 and any possible future update will not install if 3.3.3 is already installed.

I can see from my app statistics that only 0.86% of the user base for Password Safe have 3.3.3 installed so the number of affected users is small but if you are one of those users, I am VERY Sorry for the inconvenience.

Category: Password Safe (Pro)

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