I have purchased but Lockrz says I have a trial

That is actually the Play Store app that is at fault.

Lockrz asks the Play Store app on your phone if you own Lockrz and currently it is saying no so the “Trial” dialog is displayed to allow you to purchase.  If you try to purchase, a network call is made to the actual Play Store but that knows you already bought it so you get the second message.

How to fix?

1. Clear the app data and cache for Play Store.e.g. https://www.androidcentral.com/how-and-when-clear-app-cache-or-data-android. This will purge the stale data that says you do not own Lockrz.

2. Start Play Store app again and log in if necessary. This will initiate the download of all your purchases to your device.

3. Leave it 5 minutes for all of your licenses to download (especially if you are a person who has bought a lot of apps).

4. Start Lockrz. This time, when asked, Play Store should respond correctly.

Hope this helps.

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