Importing data from unsupported programs.

The “Basic Template” was designed exactly for the type of situation where you want to import data from a text file or csv file but the format the data is in is currently not supported.

In this demo, I will use a csv file created by a program called “MyPadlock”.
1. Press the “Use a Basic Template” link which you will find on the first page of the import wizard. This saves a basic CSV file that you can add your data to. (You can also use the attached template- just remove my demo data)

2. Copy the data from your MyPadlock file to the correct columns (See attached image). I used Google Docs but Microsoft Excel works even better.

3. Fill in the other columns as the picture shows to name your fields.

4. Download or save the resulting file as CSV format and import it directly into Password Safe using the import wizard.

Basic Template


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