Timers do not import

Lightwaver does not do this. The import is only for rooms,devices and sequences. It is intended as a “starting point” when you first set up the app to save you entering all of the rooms and devices from scratch. Lightwaver was created as a replacement for the official app and portal rather than as a companion to them.

The import screen specifically states that it imports “Rooms and Devices”. Translation from the LightwaveRF timer/sequence portal data to Lightwaver data is not possible as their data formats are quite different.

I did attempt to make the process 2-way and have the ability to sync data back to the portal but this was abandoned as it would have meant losing some of the features such as changing icons etc as there is no provision for storing the extended data Lightwaver uses on the official portal. Also, Lightwaver offers double the number of rooms and devices that the official app/portal do so any sync would only ever work for the first 8 rooms which could be very confusing to users.

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