Lockrz database corruption

If you are affected by the recent corruption issue, please restore your earlier un-corrupted backup from Dropbox.

First remove the corrupted wallets from all your devices ready to restore the good one. Make sure you do not leave one on a device or you may end up putting a corrupt database into circulation again.

  • Go to the Dropbox web site and navigate to the “Apps>Lockrz By Kuffs” folder.
  • Select the file you are having trouble with
  • Choose “Version History”
  • Look down the list of previous versions, Empty databases are 52Kb is size so look down the list until you see one bigger than this.
  • Press the “Restore” button.

Here is the process as a visual aid: https://www.screencast.com/t/plXtf6wN

Your data file on Dropbox will now be restored to the selected version and you can import it into the app.

Make sure you remove all copies of your database from Google Drive and from your devices. You can then add your sync providers again so that “good” copies can be uploaded.

If your data is only stored in Google Drive, it is slightly more complicated because Drive does not show the size of previous versions and also only allows you to download them rather than restore them.

Go to the Google drive site and find your data file in the same way as above.

Right click the file and choose “Manage Versions”

Work your way down the list of files starting at the top and download each one until you find one that is bigger than 52kb.

It is then actually easier to copy the file to Dropbox and import it from there but if you really want to use Google Drive it requires some extra steps due to the security features.

Lockrz is only allowed to open files that it created itself. If you upload your previously downloaded working data file, it will not be seen by Lockrz because it was uploaded rather than created directly by Lockrz.

You can still open the file by using the extended selection method.

1. Press “Import” as normal
2. Choose Google Drive
3. LONG PRESS on the “Next” button to open the Google Drive file selector.
4. Pull to refresh if necessary as Google Drive may have not yet synced its file list with your device.
5. Use the UI to navigate to the file you wish to open and press “Select”

The file is now available for use in the normal way so you can now import it.


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