Lockrz doesn’t Sync

Please see the User Manual for information on how sync works.

Failure to sync is usually one of two things.

  1. You have the app set to Sync only when on WiFi and are not connected to WiFi
  2. Sync is working normally but you are syncing to an unexpected database.

Now of course, Number 1 is easily remedied, Just turn off the “Sync only on WiFi” option.

Number 2 happens if you have multiple databases and for example sync your phone to one database but sync your desktop to a different one.  Each device is syncing normally but you will never see the changes from the other because they are connected to different databases.

This issue normally occurs because of a failure to follow the instructions in the manual. To sync between devices all devices MUST be connected to the SAME database.  That means you need to IMPORT the data from Dropbox etc on each device.  If you have multiple databases, choose the same one for each device or Sync will not work.

If you find that Sync does not work, follow these instructions to ensure everything is set up correctly.

  1. Ensure you have a good working copy of your data in your cloud provider (Dropbox or Google Drive)
  2. REMOVE all databases from ALL devices.
  3. On the first device, IMPORT the data from your cloud device. If you have more than one database, note which one you are importing especially with Google Drive which allows multiple files with the same name.  If this is the case, try renaming your database to a unique name so that you are not confused by the multiple files.
  4. On the 2nd (3rd. 4th etc) device, IMPORT the SAME database from your cloud device.
  5. Once all devices are connected to the same database, syncing should proceed normally.


You can check what happens during a sync operation by viewing the Sync Log which is accessible from the “Sync Providers” screen.  Just press the icon of the provider.

The sync log will tell you what is happening which may help you diagnose any sync issues.  i.e most people just say “Sync doesn’t work” but that is such a broad term given the multiple steps that are necessary for a successful sync. Just because a 2nd device doesn’t receive changes from the first doesn’t mean that the first device didn’t upload them.


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