Multiple devices respond to same button

This is a common issue for new users as they do not fully understand how LightwaveRF the system works.
Each hardware device (switch\dimmer\relay etc) can be paired with up to 6 software devices (room\device number combination) and/or hardware remote controls.

If multiple lights are reacting to a single button it is because your lights are paired to multiple room\device combos or multiple devices have the same room\device pairing AS WELL AS the one you actually want.

e.g it is possible for the same light to react to commands for R1D1 (Room1, Device1), R2D2, R2D5, R4D9 etc etc all at the same time. It all depends on how you paired them.

Pairing a device does NOT remove all previous pairings. There is a specific “Clear Pairings” procedure (found in the manual for whatever type of  device you are using) that must be followed if you want the device to stop reacting to commands you have used in the past.

If you have trouble such as the one you are experiencing, you should clear all pairings and re-pair to the button/remote you actually want.

This is not a Lightwaver issue. You would have the exact same issue if using the official app. In fact, the problem would be more apparent if you are trying to use both apps at the same time .
For example. Consider this scenario:
All devices controlled by apps, are identified with their room and device number.
In Lightwaver you have set up a light as R1D1 and a socket as R1D2.
Using a different app, you add the same device but the the other way around. You set up the socket as R1D2 and the light as R1D1.
What you are doing when you are pairing with an app is telling a bulb/switch etc “hey, please respond to this Room/Device number combination”
Essentially you now have a bulb that is R1D1 in one app and R1D2 in another app. If you now pair your devices in Lightwaver using the normal pairing procedure and turn on the light, it works fine. The problem is that turning on/off the switch in the other app ALSO operates the light. You have sent a command to operate R1D1 and ALL devices that have been given this identifier will respond.
If you want to use multiple apps, you MUST ensure that all of the devices are identical in all apps.

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