My app force closes or stops unexpectedly

There are a number of reasons an app can Force Close.

If the app force closes as soon as you start it then it is likely been damaged. Apps are simply files on a small computer and if the computer crashes, the files can be damaged just like on their full size computer counterparts.

Uninstalling the app and then reinstalling should resolve the issue in this case. You can then restore your data from your latest backup.

If the app force closes when a specific operation is performed then it is likely that something unexpected is contained within the data and it does not know how to handle it or the data file is damaged.

Again, try restoring your data from a backup.

If the problem still occurs after you have restored, please fill in a support ticket giving as much detail as possible about the problem such as when it occurs, what you are doing/pressing at the time etc. Please also detail what steps you have taken so far to try to resolve the problem.

Some versions of our apps have a “Send Log” feature which will allow you to email the app log directly to us.

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