My password does not work

Are you sure you are using the correct password?

Are you using the correct password for the wallet you are attempting to open? Each wallet has an independent password.

Have you recently restored your data from a backup? Your password will revert to the one that was in use at the time of the backup.

Do you have data wipe turned on? You may have mistyped your password and unwittingly wiped your data.

A query that sometimes arises is “I recently update the app in Play Store and now my password does not work\my data is gone“.  If the update process proceeds normally, your data files remain untouched. It can happen sometimes whereby the update procedure malfunctions and removes your data. On one occasion I am aware of the phone corrupting the data files making them inaccessible to the app.  For this reason, you should always backup your data before updating.

If you are sure you are using the correct password but the app does not accept it, your database may have been corrupted. You should restore your data from a backup but remember that the password that was in use at the time of the backup will also be restored.

Another common mistake is to use the wrong backup. Make sure the backup file you have restored is the one you think it is and not a different one that was made at a different time with a different password that you only ever used as a test. (It has happened).

It is not possible to recover a lost password or to find out what password was used to encrypt your data.

The only absolute certainty is that if the app tells you you have entered an incorrect password then you really have.

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