Reverted to trial mode\License not working

There are three different types of license. Follow the instructions that are relevant to your type of license.

1. Original license (installed separately)

2. In app purchase

3. Dual license

The procedure for repairing\refreshing your license varies depending on which type you purchased.

If you still have a problem after following the instructions below, please open a support ticket stating your Support Number and Version as shown on the “About” page of the app along with the type of license you have.

1. Original License

Ensure you are using version 3.3.9. Earlier version had a bug that prevented license working on some devices.

Press “Back” until Password Safe Pro completely exits then start it again and log in.

2. In App Purchase.

Version 3.2.4 and below: When you purchase you should receive a notification telling you that the app is unlocked. If you received this notification but you have since reverted to trial mode you should press the Icon on the login screen, your license should be refreshed and trial mode deactivated again. You can also press the “Refresh my license” button that appears when you start the app.

Version 3.3.3 and Above: This should never happen unless you have installed Password Safe whilst you were logged into Play Store with an account that did not purchase it. Uninstall and reinstall whilst logged in using the account that owns the license.

3. Dual License

You should ensure your Windows application is not running in trial mode and then restore your data from your PC to your device using one of the available transfer methods such as Dropbox.

Step by step this would be.

1. Activate your wallet using your offline activation key.

2. Backup your data from Windows.

3. Create a new wallet and restore the backup you just created.

Please note that new online activations are no longer possible. Please see:

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