Sharing a database between multiple users

Password safe by it’s nature is a single user app but it can be made to work for more than one user if some care is taken.

If the users require only access via the Android app then there is no issue as they can simply use a common Dropbox account.

Care must be taken to avoid overwriting each others changes. It would be better if one user was given the responsibility for updating or changing data but using a common Dropbox account and turning on “Auto Backup” and “Auto Notify” could help if both users wanted to make changes.

If the users want to use the Windows application also then it gets a little more complicated as each Windows license will only work with the gmail address it was purchased for but you could create a common gmail account and add it to each phone and then use this account when purchasing the Windows license.

Each user would install the application normally and use Dropbox to keep their data in sync like they would with the Android app.

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