Unable to backup to Google Drive

When attempting to backup to Google Drive and an error comes up “Operation Failed: 10-”

The error number could be different.

It is the Google Drive service that is failing not the app.

Try forcing a re-authorisation by revoking the apps permissions to your Google Drive Account. You can also try uninstalling/re-installing the app (backup your data somewhere else first) in case something on your device has corrupted.

Revoking permission: Go to Google Drive web site, Choose “Settings” then “Managing Apps”

Alternative Method: https://accounts.google.com/b/0/IssuedAuthSubTokens

If this persists, please contact Google Support as we have no control over Google Drive accounts and cannot help if it malfunctions.

Google drive is actually not recommended as a primary backup location as it proven to fail for many users with no obvious fix. E.g at the time of writing this, I have one device that errors when a drive backup is attempted but it works on all other devices.

If you are restoring data and google drive is your only copy, download the file and move it to dropbox or to your phone internal storage and restore it from there.

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