What is “Dropbox Access Level”

When Password Safe was originally written, there was only one way to access Dropbox from within other apps which was to allow apps full access to your whole Dropbox folder.

Password Safe created a folder called “Kuffs Password Safe” (or whatever you set your Dropbox Path setting to) and saved the wallet files there.  Although it did not abuse this access, the ability to access any of your Dropbox files was a necessity of using the Dropbox backup feature.

From Version, an updated method based on new Dropbox functionality was included. This allows you to limit the access of the App so that it can access ONLY files within it’s own folder. This is now the default setting.

In comparison:-

Old Location : Dropbox Access Level Setting:  ON

<Your Dropbox Folder>\<Dropbox Path>


New Location : Dropbox Access Level Setting:  OFF

<Your Dropbox Folder>\Apps\Password Safe Pro\<Dropbox Path>

Note that <Dropbox Path> refers to the preference setting of the same name within the app.

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