Why can I not upload my Lightwaver data to the official portal.

Lightwaver is not intended as a companion for the official portal. It is a replacement and as such does not offer the ability to upload your data into it.

The intention is that you import your data (if required) and then use Lightwaver exclusively. The portal and official app simply do not have the ability to hold the amount of information that Lightwaver potentially uses.

Official app and portal only allow 1 location. Lightwaver has up to 200 locations.
Portal and official app allows 8 rooms with 6 devices per room (128 devices)
Lightwaver allows 15 Rooms with 16 devices per room. (240 Devices)
Therefore up to 112 devices would be completely missing from the first location if an upload was attempted and every room/location/Device would lose its icon.  All locations except the first would be completely gone.

If you wish to use both apps or the portal then you can edit your data in the official app or on the portal and then import it into Lightwaver when required.

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