How does the Dropbox integration work?

Update: Since this post was written, the Dropbox procedures have changed. This post is only relevant to application versions earlier than 2.5

Some of you are not understanding the concept of Dropbox or how it integrates into Password Safe.  I (probably wrongly) assumed that if you chose Dropbox as your backup method, you would be familiar with how it operates. Here I hope to clarify things a little.

Dropbox Backup/Restore from Password Safe on Android is a manual process. Every time you want to backup or restore, you must initiate the operation yourself using the relevant menu command.

There is NO manual process in Password Safe on Windows.  The Dropbox client software handles all transfers.  When you first set up the application, you were asked the location of your Dropbox folder. Anything within this folder is automatically sent to Dropbox whenever it changes.

What this means is that  when you edit your data on your computer, Dropbox sends that data as soon as it can up to your Dropbox space. All you then need to do on Android is perform a restore.

Enabling Dropbox support after installation

Initial setup with Dropbox

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