I’ve been quiet lately

Updates have been a little sparse lately because I’ve been busy decorating etc. This doesn’t mean I have given up working on Password Safe, I’m just taking a holiday so I can catch up on everything else that I neglected whilst developing the apps.

Beta feedback (on the Windows version) has been pretty much non existent. I’m not sure if that is because so few people are using it (choosing to use the release version instead) or because it’s already perfect 🙂  Just remember that the Beta version handles the database differently so current FAQ’s or previous blog posts may not be correct when applied to the Beta.

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  1. Kuff–been busy too–so don’t know what number the beta is. I do get the updates thru the Market.

    I am using with no issues. Didn’t need the Windows version. Not that many entries and they rarely change.

    The on-phone one is working great and much better than the other password keepers I have used.

    Thanks for you work,


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