Lets start again

Password Safe was my first Android app and it was basically a learning exercise that I decided to share as it turned out quite well.

There were however some rather silly decisions I made (isn’t hindsight great?) that made it difficult for me later on in the project when trying to implement new things.

One of the silly things I did was store the date field as text which makes it difficult to move between different language settings. Templates were also poorly implemented.

I’ve therefore decided to start again. It isn’t as drastic as it sounds as a lot of my original code will fit in just fine so its not a total rewrite but it does mean that I’ll be able to apply everything I learned to the new version so it will hopefully be much better. A lot of the changes will not be noticeable to the end user but internally, it will just be better organised.

When complete, it will appear as an update in Android Market so the effect on users should be minimal.  There may be an import/upgrade procedure but nothing difficult.

With the rewrite, I hope to implement the following (no promises though).

  • Full template editing
  • Groups (Users of the Windows version should know what these are)
  • Direct Wi-Fi backup to Desktop version (no cloud in the middle)
  • More efficient Google Docs backup.
  • Notification when Dropbox data changed.
  • 128 & 256 Bit encryption (Due to US encryption export laws, the 256 bit module will need to be downloaded direct from my  site)
  • Better Help (If only to stop people asking how to delete a folder RTFM)
  • Better date handling (hopefully proper expiry dates for credit cards)
  • Language translations (with a little help from YOU Smile)
  • Lite version to share much of the same codebase as Pro version so easier to update.

More info nearer the time.



  1. Daz,

    It’s good to rethink your programs after having learned from your first trials in programming. You discover new ways to do what you want to do and you get hints about functionality that you never thought of before. Restructuring is what you need then.
    Your programming has helped me a lot with remembering my passwords and other personal data. I even use Kuffs for a small overview of my wine collection.
    It’s just convenient.
    Now, you say you might implement Language Translations, for which you need a bit of help. So maybe I can do something in return, by helping you with a Dutch translation.
    I am a native speaker of Dutch (Nederlands) and think I know my language above average. So please tell me how I can help you with this.

    Bert Gielen.

    • Thank you. I’m glad it is helpful. I will be in touch when I have everything that needs to be translated. I will send you an example file so you know what to expect.

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