Lockrz Password Manager

Password Safe is surely showing its age and by today’s standards, is rather ugly.

Our new App “Lockrz” has now been released to Play Store.
(Click here to download)
Lockrz comes with 12 months free support. Unlimited free support is no longer a viable option. It costs me more than the app costs you.

From April 22nd until May 21st 2016, it will be available for a discounted price of £2.50GBP. After the discount period, it will revert back to the full price of £3.99GBP  (Prices are exclusive of VAT which Google add automatically to my prices)

The arrival of Lockrz has been announced both in the the Password Safe app and in its Play Store description for the past few months so it should come as no surprise to anyone currently using the app.  Unfortunately I will not be responding to questions on the subject. These are the terms of the discount and I think considering some users have used the Password Safe for over 5 years, it is quite generous.

Password Safe remains available to you indefinitely so you are not forced to use Lockrz.

At present, there is no companion Windows application.  Whether I make one available really depends on how much interest there is for one.
Vote here if you are interested.





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