Alarmed Manual

Alarmed is a simple app for viewing and controlling selected Texecom Alarm Panels.

Note that only ONE connection is usually allowed to the panel at a time so if you use multiple devices or apps, disconnect one before connecting with another.

Connection Refused

Occasionally you may encounter the message “Connection Refused”. This is not a fault of the app. It is your Com-IP module in your control panel refusing to accept the connection. Think of it like a “Busy” signal when calling a telephone.

This will happen when:

Another app is already connected.
You attempt to reconnect too soon after disconnecting.
The Com-IP module has not yet detected that a previous connection has disconnected.

In all cases, just wait a short while and try again. I would recommend waiting at least 30-60 seconds after you know the last connection was dropped. If you try to reconnect too soon, your connection will be refused again and your wait time will be extended.

Setting Up Sites

alarmed SitesSite Name
Anything you like. e.g “Home”

Domain or IP Address
The domain or IP at which your alarm panel can be reached.

The port that your alarm panel is listening on.

UDL Code
The code given to your by your alarm installer to enable remote access to your panel.

User ID
This is obtained from your installer (See below)

User Code
The code you use to arm your panel. Usually specific to a single user.

The User ID is the index of the user code you were given.
0 = Engineer Code
1 = Master Code
2 = User A
3 = User B

If you do not know your ID, please ask your installer. Alternatively you can try each code in turn starting at 0 but this will only work if you are 100% sure that you have the correct UDL code and User Code. Once all entries have been successfully entered, you will be able to connect to the alarm panel.



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