Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

Please type your email address carefully when registering. You will receive no response if you enter it incorrectly.

Also, we recommend using your Gmail address to register. We have emails to many addresses being returned as “undeliverable” but Gmail always seems to get through. We are usually quite fast in answering tickets so if you are not notified of replies, log in and check in case your address was one of the ones that is being returned to us as not deliverable. Note that this can apply to password resets too. You may not get those mails if your provider rejects mail from our server.

Please note that Password Safe Pro was discontinued in 2015.  Support is no longer available for this app and it is recommended you change to use Lockrz instead.

Please check the FAQ and\or manual before submitting a ticket. 

95% of support tickets for Lockrz are asking questions already answered in the manual.Tickets requesting information covered in the FAQ or Manual will be deemed low priority and will experience a considerable delay in response.

If you have checked the FAQ and still need to submit a support ticket

Please do not just say “it doesn’t work”. It is not helpful to me and wastes both mine and your time.
Instead, please describe exactly what “it” is. Tell me exactly what you are doing (buttons pressed etc), what you are expecting to happen and what actually happens.


Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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