Are there any offers to translate Password Safe to other languages?

At present it will be only the Android app. The windows app would need a much larger user base before I could consider translating that too.

I can’t pay you but full credit will be given within the app and you will get access to early release copies to preview the context of your work.

The languages I already have translators for are:

en English (Obviously)
nl Dutch
cz Czech
dk Danish
sk Slovak
de German
pl Polish
sv Swedish

Translation is not a “one off” process. The translation file requires updating as the app has new features added to it so please do not offer to translate if you are likely to stop after the initial translation is done. I would prefer to not support a language than to have it partially translated and littered with English words.

If you can help with other languages or wish to help with the above languages should the current translator decide to stop, please let me know at the app support email address. (Sorry don’t want to post the address here or I’ll get spammed)

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