Trial version

Anybody can now request a 7 day trial key for the Windows version of Password Safe so you dont need to buy the Android license key just to check  out the Windows client.

It also allows me to send a trial key before the Market refund period.



  1. dude how come i still see the Ads after i have purchased the licence?please clarify this before the refund perios is over.

  2. Most likely the app was already running when you installed the license.

  3. Kuffs, WELL DONE!Really, for £2, getting software that syncs my PC to Android via Dropbox is FANTASTIC VALUE!I have the latest PC version, well done on the improvements, greyed boxes, keyboard shortcuts. A few comments:1/ pressing Alt-1 to create a new field is good, but the cursor should automatically be IN the empty field to just start typing.2/ pressing Alt-1 again to create another field after naming the first field results in the previous field losing it's name. You have to click out of the field panel altogether to be able to then click back on it and enter Alt-1 again without losing previous info. (this is a bug)3/ Text fields that contain a lot of text should not be restricted to being tiny boxes 3 lines high. With 90% of the field tab is empty, there is no good reason, design wise, to have text fields that are not scalable or that fit automatically to the amount of text in the box if there is plenty of empty space in the panel.

  4. Thanks but give me time :-)Dont forget this is a free program maintained only in my free time. This is not my job which of course has to take priority as that is what puts food on my table.Password Safe certainly doesnt 🙂

  5. Again, Well done!!!it took only two days to sort requests 1/ and 2/ – THANKS! This app was great value and just keeps on getting better.Kuffs, I didn't see any negative comments on your blogs/app reviews in market, so I was a bit surprised to read in your blog that you were upset about all the negative feedback. I hope you are not referring to my voluminous feedback (I do beta testing for adobe and apple;)), I think you are doing an amazing job, so please, if there are others who are not grateful for your work, just ignore them and keep up your excellent work! Mark.

  6. No Mark its not you at all.It just never ceases to amaze me that some people think they own you because they happen to be using software you wrote.Most of the comments are coming as email I guess because they relate to the windows version.Negative feedback I can cope with but to receive some of the outright nasty comments I have about something I'm doing for nothing is quite unnecessary.I went out of my way with multiple support mails (each one answered within the hour) to help one guy who wanted to import data from an unsupported program. Then in another issue the next day, he didnt read/follow the instructions I gave and so got an error which of course was all my fault (despite the error being warned about if he did not follow the procedure).Some people should just stick to a Nokia 5110

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