When is an SD card not an SD card?

When it’s Internal Storage.

The android system only allows one file path to access either internal or external storage.  If your device has both internal AND external storage then the external storage is usually accessed as a subfolder of the internal storage.

e.g. The Droid Razr has both  internal and external storage.
The internal storage is accessed on the path /sdcard whilst the external storage (the real SD Card) is accessed via /sdcard-ext

The paths above are an example only and totally depend on the device and how the manufacturer set up the storage. There is no way a developer can tell if storage is external or internal.

What this means is that if you backup from Password Safe using the SD Card option, you could actually be inadvertently saving to your internal storage.

Check the actual path of your external storage using a file manager program. e.g Explorer otherwise you may have a nasty surprise if your device dies and the only backups you have are locked inside your broken phone.

The default save location is “/sdcard/Kuffs Backup Data

Check your file path


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  1. Have your Pro version–GREAT

    I am not file system savvy. I have app install location set to internal running latest CM7 Nightlies, which puts them to external.

    So, I see the backups on sdcard/Kuffs Backup Data

    here is no External under System or System/SD Card. Just System/sdcard/Kuffs—–

    Am I ok, or do I need to create a System/External/sdcard/Kuffs— folder and then change Preferneces to it.

    I have done restores ok as is



  2. The point of the article is so you can check your own backup location and ensure it is correct as the external storage depends on the device. I’m afraid I cannot advise on what settings you should choose for your device because I do not own your device. The install location of the app is not relevant to this.

    Basically, can you remove your SD card and locate your backup files? If not, you may need to check your backup location.

  3. Its always a forward slash (/) correct? You have a backslash between “ExternalKuffs. I’m still having trouble accessing the path to my sd card

  4. Yes Jason you are correct. I have amended my mistake. To work out your path, back up using the default and then use a file manager app to check the location it was saved to and amend accordingly.

    I have changed the image to reflect the default path on my Nexus. Note that “/sdcard/Kuffs Backup Data” is NOT input into the app settings only “Kuffs Backup Data”

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