Password Safe for WIndows Phone 8.1

Password Safe Pro finally has a WinRT version too! The italian developer Sergio Pedri just published OneLocker, a password manager for Windows Phone 8.1 that’s 100% compatible with Password Safe Pro.

This is the link to the Store:

The app supports all the features that are available on the Android and Windows counterparts: it is possible to create and edit cards and folders, and each card can contain any number of custom fields.

It is possible to mark items as favorites, to create and view groups and to add cards to the ICE table to be able to see them using a secondary account.

You can copy, cut, paste and duplicate items just like in the Android and Windows version.

OneLocker can backup and sync its database on OneDrive and Dropbox, and it can also export the data in CSV format, in case you want to see your passwords using Excel or other programs.

There is a tool to generate a random password and one to check the strength of a password, and OneLocker can also show some statistics on the whole database as well as on specific folders.

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