Windows Version Released

The windows version is available free of charge for a limited time to anybody who has purchased the License Key for the Android App from the Android Market.



  1. Looks good, I used to use SPB Wallet on WINMO, so this is a very welcome replacement, we will see how the PC sister app works.It does seem a bit unfair to have to wait until the return policy EXPIRES BEFORE one can download and try the PC version… because I already have some android wallet type apps, and ONLY bought this BECAUSE of the PC sister app… so if it does not work well, how would I then get a refund? (I hope that is not the case, as £2 for this would be well worth it.Kind regards,Mark.

  2. The expiry rule is to stop people buying the app, getting the windows version and then refunding the app (maintaining full access to the windows version).The windows version is a "sweetener" to buy the license key rather than pirate it.Your £1.99 is to remove the ads from the android app and not liking the Windows version would not affect this.I do plan to have a "trial" license key for the Windows app but haven't yet had the time to implement this.Hope this makes sense 🙂

  3. Hi Kuffs, Yeah, I appreciate that one should take steps to prevent one's work being stolen by people too cheap to spend £2 on some useful software!A trial key would be very good though, as many may be put off getting the PC app knowing they have passed their refund date, but TX for your flexibility ;)As a few feature suggestions in the PC version, Id like to see:1/ import csv files to create new entries2/ jpeg image import for bank cards etc3/ drag and drop links to WEB folder to import name/url automatically4/ more templates (I guess we users could have a place to upload and share ours?)5/ IMO the item property fields on the RHS should not be so easily removed/deleted. The data in each field yes, but not the name of the data field. There should maybe be a lock button that toggles the ability to change/delete the field name info. It gives the initial impression that one is MEANT to be changing the field names rather than the field data.I will report back more when Ive had a chance to mess about with it, at the moment Im busy lag-fixing my galaxy-s which is taking ages.PSI will almost certainly keep this app, seems VERY good value for for money. Well done, and thanks!Mark.

  4. Hi there,Firstly Kuffs, thanks for the app, its really worth the money.I have a few more comments/suggestions after using it for a few hours…- with the PC app, if you create a new item, cursor should automatically be in name field ready to type its name-keyboard command to create new fields would be good- bug, button to add new field was greyed out – not available, even after clicking on the template icon I was creating, had to leave templates, then come back.-abilty to copy and paste a template would be good to make similar ones more quickly- ability to import web sites from Last Pass and/or Xmarks- enter info into a new item created from a template is confusing, when you press TAB to go from one field to another, it selects fields which are the FIELD NAME as well as the FIELD DATA… the field name should NOT be so easily changed, destroyed etc… is very prone to mistakes at present.- credit card expiration dates do not include the day, just month and year, so that should be allowed too, expires 03/12 instead of 1 March 2012 should be allowed if you click on march 2012.Thanks again,Mark.

  5. Line termination compatability problem between Android and Windows versions. This is probably due to the fact that Android is a type of UNIX, in which line terminators are the Line Feed character only, as opposed to Line Feed + Carriage Return in Windows.If you separate lines by hitting in the Windows app, they appear as annoying little empty rectangles at the ends of lines in the Android app.If you delete the rectangles in the Android app the lines stay nicely terminated there, but in the Windows app the terminators are lost and the data is bunched up into one long line.

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